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Hi there,
I'm Daniele, the Founder of BPM. Formerly an architect, I have a passion for marketplaces, branding, and execution, which led me to venture into entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, my initial attempts were met with failure.

In my quest for guidance, I sought mentors and connected with various individuals. Fortunately, I crossed paths with Fabio, possibly one of the finest coaches in Berlin. In 2022, I was hired by a small legal tech company where I began working alongside a whole team of developers.

Despite my efforts, challenges arose, prompting me to seek a supportive community. The Berlin Product Designers group, led by Damian, emerged as the ideal proxy. However, I still needed a platform to access best practices, valuable content, and inspiring individuals.

During the summer of 2023,

’s Newsletter community gained prominence in Berlin. Here, Praj (Hosts & Speaker Relations), Carlo (Ops), and myself (MKTG & Partnerships) met, both enthusiastic about learning and fostering a professional environment in the city.

Together, we embarked on an ambitious mission: to Foster product culture in Berlin. With the support of outstanding speakers like

and , we rapidly expanded. Our team grew significantly with the additions of Sonya (MKTG), Emilie (CommunityUX & Newsletter), Mar (CommunityUX & Branding), and Aru (Photography).

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Product Manager @ HelloFresh, Berlin
Photographer based in Berlin
Product designer, fitness trainer, mindfulness expert living in Berlin and originally, from Toronto, Canada.
Graphic Designer & UX/UI Designer